About Me


From as early as 4 years of age, I can remember the feeling of being watched,I knew I was safe and, I also felt like I was protected.

It was a strange feeling although, I felt pleased as it gave me comfort.

As I grew,our Scripture Teacher asked  my Mother, if my Sister and I, could be allowed to attend  the local Sunday School,where I took on a teaching role  with Pride, having  6, five year olds that looked up to me as I would read them Scriptures Stories.


I would just like to say Hi, and as I develop my site please feel free to contribute, enjoy, and make others feel really secure as we aim to have a quality connection with like minded others.Please be respectful of anothers values.

As I develop my site ,I will fill you in on why Im interested in helping people.

Love and Light be with you.

Angel 11

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