How Do I know What to ask My Angels- I would say Ask For Completeness




Congratulations on taking a forward step, instead of just not knowing where to Start.

Start at the beginning. So you have been unsure and asking yourself “What to ask My Angels”.

Don’t worry as most people just don’t know what they want.

You may sit there and just not know what you do want or where to even begin,

Well a good place to Start would be to make a 2-page list, yes run a pen down the center of the page and title the first list

Negative Core Beliefs.                                                   How I could Improve

Now try to be as honest as you can with yourself, because at the end of the day you can lie to you friend, you can lie to you Mother, but you cannot lie to Yourself.

Your Sub Conscious Mind listens to you, Are you putting yourself down on a regular basis? Things like I’m to fat, I don’t look that good. I have a terrible Job, I will always be average, etc. Your Life Journey won’t be all that good if you continue to do that.

So on the Right side of you List Page, Write…    How could I Improve.

A good thing to do at this time is to keep a Journal

Go back to when you were a little child what were you taught to think.

In you Family did you get treated a particular way that was different to you other siblings.

Make a list of all you Negative Core Beliefs, one after another down the page. Be Honest please.

Then go to the List under How I could Improve and right the positive to all of you negatives

Negative Core Beliefs.                                                 How I Could Improve

I feel useless l I Improve myself and I am Capable every day

I am not good-looking l I accept myself as I am

OK Small Steps then we run, just like we did when we were small.

Write as many things down until you cannot think of anything else to write down.

Then cover the left list and read out loud, all the content from the right side List.

Your Angels are listening so be proud,read you list with Pride.

End of Lesson 1

Love and Light

Angel 11

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  1. Todd Matthews says: Reply

    I definitely feel that turning to writing or journaling to deal with some of the negatives is an amazing first step to recovery. Our thoughts can be jumbled in our mind and to mull through them in such a state solves zero problems, but likely enhances. To write them down provides a visual and allows the individual to mull over one at a time, which by the end of it all, they’ll at least be able to write a strategy on how to improve their negative train of thought, again, another visual. 

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