Begin your Angel Journey – and find your Lifes Path

Hello and Welcome

You wonder if it’s the right time to begin your Angel Journey – and find your Lifes Path, or if your have time. Well It’s a Perfect Time.


Its time to start your journey, one where you follow your mind and heart, some are already on their paths.

You may ask, how do I find my Souls Path in Life

Lets Start..

This Poem was Channeled to me by a lovely Angel called Ireenie

I would like to share it with you.

When the path in life feels far to go, and you feel like, no one is there

It only takes time to walk this road as lonely or as bumpy as it may seem.

Ask God for help he is always there and he knows which way for you to go,and he also knows that this is the way and your are doing the best that you can.

For it’s down this path you walk and through your fears that there are better times ahead a world of joy and peace and happiness  yours to find your  way, give love, live life ,and make the best of ever day. For  there will always be the happy times that make it all worthwhile, that seems to cover all the struggles that life has placed to learn.

You only need to think of your needs, set in your heart and you believe the very thing you have been searching for will suddenly come your way.

His Precious Angels have been placed to guide and comfort you  at this time.

They need you to have free will, to put your plans to work, they will gladly help the minute your ask to take the fog away.

Set into action with your plans, for a bright new wonderful day. So, everytime you feel the presure and feel like you could throw it all away, just remember what I have told you and start with a brand new day.

For nothing stays the same and you can have it all you know, if only takes to believe your can, see it happen, set your goals, feel the love of the universe, as you are meant too, and in time when you look back your life will have moved on along and for your joy reconised your reward and thank God above for giving you the experience from which you have had a chance to grow.

With lots of different colours (your aura) and lots of wisdom now, but its all the fun of learning as the road begins to clear and you can see the crossroads up in front, dont let confusion step in again.

Ask your higher self feel it inside let God be your guide and it all starts again.

Another new experience will unfold so aim for the best you can, and try to understand the love you give is what you will get back, sometimes in mysterious ways and their will alway be others going down there paths to mix with you and share all the experience they have had ,some difficult some glad.

But whats comforting to know we are all alike each and every one of us are all alike and have our load to carry we never escape until we learn and then we are glad we carried.

This beautiful place that God calls earth we leave it behind for our own.

Believe You Can …Create a firm belief for your Lifetime, that you are worthy to receive. You will find your Path.

To start your journey and find your path in life, alway allow yourself a time to  daydream, seeing, feeling what your really need to manifest for great energy for yourself.

You will need to have free will, state your intentions and believe ,then be aware for the signs to follow as they may be subtle.

Pay attention to people looking to make contact,conversations you may have, as you will be looking for signs of what you will be needing for your Path.


Try raising your eyes when asking for what your need. It is totally up to you if you speak aloud or not.

It does’nt matter what you ask for, if it’s on your path,it will be given to you , and please dont be disheartened if what your have asked for has’nt turned up straight away,but when it does raise your eyes and say thankyou to show your appreciation to your Angels.

Just remember that if their is no flow,let it go it’s not your path.

Go deeper within, through Meditation,really tune in to your happiness.

When your are on the right path in life, your life will just flow, and doors will open.

See it happen

Start seeing pictures of yourself,where your want to be,connecting visions,making your own mind movie, a movie based on you and your  success.

Set your goals

When your were a child and knowing little about your Souls journey and your path in life, your were able to tell yourself and your teacher or parent,”when I grow up I am going to be a ______________.

What was that? Maybe you have changed your career many times (or maybe not) from the start when your first decided what your were going to be in your life, did you follow your heart and find your passion?

Write down your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, five yearly Goals

If you start ticking off, as you achieve your goals , life experiences will start leading you to make new exciting life goals

Feel the love of the Universe

There is a hightened sence of awareness of just being as one with all that is living, your goal is to be your best, your happiest, your most grateful, your life is full of joy, you can be loved because know your are love and you can give love unconditionally to others. You have found your path.

You are connected to the universe like every other living being, and you deserve.


Sometimes, if your feel your have lost your way and you need someone to chat to we will be their for you, if your path seems unclear , just call us, and just remember the darkest hour is before the dawn.

There is no race,  you’ll be full of lifes energy, love, peace and contentment.

Enjoy your Journey

You are a Beautiful Soul

Love and Light

Angel 11

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