Talking to your Angels-You have Free Will

Your Angel Can Hear You

I suggest that you make a habit of  talking to your Angels. So many people that I talk to, don’t ask for what they need. They get so anxious about situations, wait until their life is in a near Desperation before they recognise that help is there, at any time you can state what you need.

If  your need is basic, it will come, so as fast as you can work out what you need  you may ask, its that simple!! just raise your eyes and say I need a new job, I need food, I need a way to pay for my school fees, whatever it is you need.

So once you have stated what you need,  your Angel, they will bring it to your awareness, so be absolutely thorough about what you are asking for, believe you are worthy of receiving be on the  look out. If you dont believe they hear you request, try talking to your Angels Daily, until you do.

You are in charge of you ,and you have free will, (which is advisable to use)and your request.

You must ask for what you need.

So feel what it is that would make you happy, really think of your needs, and when you receive please say Thankyou.

Love and Light to you all.

Angel 11

6 Replies to “Talking to your Angels-You have Free Will”

  1. Thank you Angel 11 for such strong words!
    We sometimes don’t realise that as human beings, we do have free will and in charge of whatever we decide to do. Getting someone like you to remind us of that, really helps.

    Once again, thank you!

  2. Thanks for your advice, it sounds so simple. People love to complicate things, so they rarely see how simple life is. All the best!

  3. Hello Angel. Wise words from a wise person! You are certainly correct in saying that. Our basic needs are just that. Basic. Our angel already knows that we need them. Sometimes, we are so afraid to ask for anything other than these for the fear of being too attached to things. With that, using the free will inside of all of us will build a much better relationship with our angel. Love and light my friend!

    1. Thank you David for you Comments,I truely appreciate them.

      I believe we come into this life with a plan of our lifes journey,unkown until many different times in our lives,we are finding our way back,with wisdon and growth.So if your business is on your path for growth that your require it will feed your paths journey and flourish.
      Love and Light to you David
      Angel 11

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